Project brief:


The project’s main objective is to realize a high energy X-ray scanner prototype destin to radiograph large transportation vehicles (Cargo vehicles and containers). The scanner will provide a high resolution radiographic image and information regarding the materials in the scanned objects, thanks to using multiple x-ray energy spectra and implementing inovative signal processing algoritms to determine the atomic Z number. Currently, the needed amount of containers scanning systems in Europe-s ports it is covered in the percentage of 3% in the small ports and 0,1% in big ports, according to “European Commission Staff Working Paper – Secure Trade and 100% Scanning of Containers”. Although in 2007 the USA imposed the scanning of all containers imported since 2012, the percent of scanned containers is 3,8%. The big difference between the law request regarding the containers scanning and the actual capacity determines a market of 3.5 – 4.5 bld Euro.


Within this context, the new scanner will expand the produced and commercialized scanners family, increasing MBT’s competitiveness in a market of few players from USA, China and Germany. MBT has already some important features for this market: the high quality and the innovation level (the remote control – awarded invention at the International Invention Salon in Geneve, the material discrimination and the size – the smallest and lightest scanner in the world).


By realizing the new scanner prototype, MBT’s portfolio will expand from Low energy X-ray radiation and 2 izotop gamma radiation to high energy (4 – 6 MeV) x-ray radiation scanners leading to a higher penetration capability (from 18cm to 27cm). The financing of this project will help developing, in a record time, the new imaging and atomic number z determination system. The new scanner will differ from the others on the market by unique features as a result of innovative solutions for the problems we can find in the present products on the market. For example, the competing products can only detect 4 categories of materials (organic, inorganic, metals, heavy metals) and for restricted thick mass of (40 - 60 gr/cm2). Expanding the thick mass range and the more precise atomic z number estimation are two inovative contributions of the proposed scanner that will facilitate the identification of illegal materials, contraband products, guns and drugs in vehicles and containers.


Project code: PN-II-IN-DPST-2012-1-0051 - contract 6DPST/20.08.201



MB TELECOM-Ltd. SRL, 3A Calea Bucurestilor OTOPENI, ILFOV,075100 postal code


Duration of project: 20.08.2013 – 15.11.2015  



Budget of project (lei):

  • Financing: 3.630.665,00 lei
  • Co-financing (own contribution): 2.094.870,00 lei
  • Total: 5.725.535,00 lei